The weekend just gone, I decided to kick back and go on a day retreat.

In my mind, having a day away without an internet or phone signal, was my chance to   temporarily withdrawing from the world and recharge my batteries. The retreat house I opted for advertised a quiet and peaceful environment. I was convinced I’d leave with a spring in my step and on a spiritual high.


A couple of hours in, I learnt that the word ‘retreat’ has two very different meanings & I was ready to the heck outta there…!


I won’t go into the nitty gritty of why this place wasn’t for me. But in those few hours I learnt something about myself: firstly, I don’t need to go anywhere to turn my phone off and tune into the big man. I can also get my rest from taking five and listening to a bit of Hillsongs or Bethel. I get a buzz from church and being with my possy. Secondly, being tucked away in a cosy corner of the countryside isn’t for me. I realised I want to be in the thick of it, making a difference and I don’t want to take the cushy option. I’ll take the problematic and in need of work route!

The morning may have left me out of pocket but I learnt something about myself. Whilst it wasn’t the outcome I expected, when you’re doing life with God, it never normally is.


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